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Wedding Reception


The wedding reception was held at Astoria World Manor in Queens, New York. The party started with an hour cocktails. The bride and groom went to the bridal suite with family members and took pictures and ate appetizer. Then the main wedding party went into the main banquet room and took their seats. The sponsors lined up along with the bridal entourage for an announced entrance to the party. The sponsors took their seats and the bride and groom made their entrance.

Best man and maid of honor made speeches and toast to the newly married couple. The bride and groom did the first dance with the rest of bridal entrouage joining in. The evening continued with more dancing highlighted by a dance of the bride with her Dad and the groom with his Mom, the removal of the garter by the groom to the bride, the tossing of the bouquet by the bride, the tossing of the garter by the groom, and the cutting of the cake.

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